Standard Disclaimer: This post is dark and full of spoilers.

Those who know me also know I am a Game of Thrones superfan. That being said, they won’t be surprised to find me taking a few moments to give you my thoughts and (bad) predictions about the GoT season 7 opener, “Dragonstone.” Here goes.


Glad to see she wiped out the Freys. The scene also showed something I’ve resisted: that part of her secret “Faceless Man” craft allows her to temporarily assume a completely different physicality. As Walder Frey, she was taller, with a man’s voice, and completely indistinguishable from the real thing. So… that opens a lot of new avenues, doesn’t it?

I enjoyed the scene with Arya and the Lannister soldiers and was surprised by the Ed Sheeran backlash. It was good to see Arya, who’d just killed her Frey enemies scorched-earth style, confronting the fact that her Lannister enemies aren’t all as bad as Cersei.

Prediction: I think the Lannister soldiers will run into a dangerous “super pack” of wolves led by a direwolf as wild and ungovernable as Arya. Perhaps she’ll save those soldiers. (Perhaps not.) But if Arya and Nymeria reestablish their relationship, it might help both of them. 

The Hound

Interesting that he, too, saw a vision in the fire. Never expected him to have a religious experience! So many of us have anticipated a “Cleganbowl”: a rematch between the Hound and his now-undead brother, the Mountain. But if the Hound is going North, it seems like that won’t happen.

Cersei, Jaime, and Euron

I was disappointed to see Jaime just wandering around the Red Keep like his sister’s minor league henchman. Is he really okay with his twin blowing up a big chunk of King’s Landing and committing the very crime he lost his honor to prevent?

As for Euron, I haven’t warmed up to him as a villain. Having said that, he’s a little brother with two good hands. That means he might be Cersei’s killer, according to the prophecy.

Sansa and Jon

Okay, so, can I just say, I adore you, my fellow fans. “Sansa’s wearing her hair like Cersei!” “Sansa admitted she admires Cersei to some degree!”

Um, yeah. Latch onto those misdirects. Here’s my prediction:

Sansa will break with Jon and depart the North with Littlefinger, Bronze Yohn, and the Aerie army. At the Aerie, she will marry either Robyn (the revolting teen heir) or Littlefinger. He will consider his triumph complete. In the throne room alone with Littlefinger, we will see the scene from which the final trailer lifted Sansa’s emotionlessly intoned dialogue:


When the snows fall and the White Winds blow, the lone wolf dies. But the pack survives.

Out of the shadows comes Jon and Arya. Littlefinger is backed onto the Moon Door. Then–his long climb ends. (Bonus: if the wall collapses, the Aerie will be a good place to hang out as the army of the dead rushes over Westeros.)

Why do I think this will be Littlefinger’s literal downfall? Remember why Sauron never expected anyone to try and drop the One Ring into Mt. Doom. His mind could not conceive of someone willingly giving up such power. Littlefinger cannot conceive of love and absolute loyalty between family members. Fooling him with a couple of public spats will be all too easy. 

Okay, now I’ve got this off my chest, so it’s time to get back to work. Have a wonderful week, everyone!