Emma Jameson is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Lord & Lady Hetheridge cozy mystery series. Book #1, Ice Blue, book #2, Blue Murder, Book #3, Something Blue, and Book #4, Black & Blue, are available now.

She is currently at work on Book #5, Blue Blooded.

Ms. Jameson is also the author of another cozy mystery series set in wartime England called the Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries. Book #1, Marriage Can Be Murder, and Book #2, Divorce Can Be Deadly, are available now. For Bones lovers, there is also a companion series called The Magic of Cornwall. The first two novellas in that series, Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish and Dr. Bones and the Lost Love Letter, are available now.

There are three questions readers love to ask Ms. Jameson. In no particular order they are:

1.  Why do you write so slowly?

This is a question she’s heard for many years. Sometimes she blames her eyesight. However, she has one good eye. Sometimes she blames her housecats, Howard, James, and Zahara, for distracting her. However, they sleep upwards of eighteen hours a day. Sometimes she blames the Muse, which occasionally buggers off without notice. This last explanation works with a few readers, but not many. In short, Ms. Jameson cannot satisfactorily answer the question, “Why do you write so slowly?” But every New Year’s Day, like clockwork, she vows to do better in the months to come, and 2017 is no exception.

2. Will Lady Juliet’s husband ever die, disappear, or otherwise get out of the way?

Ms. Jameson says only: “The course of true love never did run smooth.” If the reader pounces and says, “Ah, so it’s love, you admit that it’s love between Juliet and [redacted],” Ms. Jameson clams up and tries to look inscrutable.

3.You’re not ending the Lord & Lady Hetheridge series, are you?

To this the authoress says, “I will be writing the Tony and Kate books until I croak. Period.”

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