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For my friends and readers who enjoy paranormal romance, my dear friend Shéa MacLeod is doing a Facebook release party with prizes tomorrow. Read her post for details.

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Come for the cupcakes, stay for the fun! Tomorrow is the official Spellwalker Release Party.

Join me over on Facebook for games, prizes, guest authors, and more! Get started early with the Grand Prize Giveaway. This is what it looks like:

Get started early with the Grand Prize Giveaway. This is what it looks like:


This is what’s in it:

Goodie Bag (including swag from myself and other others plus a Kissed by Darkness purse charm and a bobble witch pen)

Signed copy of Kissed by Darkness

Shéa MacLeod mug with sample of Starbucks coffee

PLUS (not pictured) a signed paranormal romance from author Tara West AND an ebook from urban fantasy author Lauren Stewart.

Be sure and enter NOW!

Lots of other giveaways on the day so don’t forget! 6pm – 8pm Pacific Time on Facebook.09


Available NOW!

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Divorce Can Be Deadly (Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries #2) is what I am writing today. It’s too soon to share any of it. For me, talking specifics about a book before it’s at least half through is dangerous. It’s like trying to bake a cake by peering into the oven every minute or so, and leaving the door open for long stretches so everyone in the neighborhood can have a look, poke the center, etc. Chances are, it’s not going to rise, or it will look funny when it does.

But I can share some Cornwall pictures, so here are a few. The Cornish granite and those windswept trees, deformed by the full force of the Atlantic headwinds, will figure in the book for sure. Possibly one of the tine mines, like Wheal Coates, as well.

Cornish granite.

Cornish granite.

"Windswept tree and the Cheesewring - geograph.org.uk - 92456" by James Miller. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Windswept_tree_and_the_Cheesewring_-_geograph.org.uk_-_92456.jpg#/media/File:Windswept_tree_and_the_Cheesewring_-_geograph.org.uk_-_92456.jpg

“Windswept tree and the Cheesewring – geograph.org.uk – 92456″ by James Miller. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons – 

Wheal Coates. a former tin mine.

Wheal Coates. a former tin mine.

Take Me Away | Skagen


Sharing some gorgeous travel pictures of Denmark from the blog, Adventures of Lexie. Enjoy.

Originally posted on Adventures of Lexie:

(Source) (Source)

The next place on my list is Skagen, Denmark. This absolutely enchanting seaside town is nearly the northernmost point in Denmark, so it fits beautifully into the mold of the perfect chilly seaside retreat for me. Being of half Danish descent (the other half is Italian, but I’ll get into that another time), I’ve always been determined to learn as much as possible about Denmark, and the beautiful towns and sights inside it’s borders. Skagen is the first of many Danish cities that I dream of exploring, and I’m sure I will post about many more here on this blog, but Skagen is where this look into adventuring in Denmark is going to begin.

(Source) (Source)

(Source) (Source)

The first thing I dream of seeing in Skagen (pronounced Skay-en, in case you were wondering) is Grenen. Grenen is a long sandbar, located north of the actual town of Skagen. At first…

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More London Pictures

Okay, here are a few more pictures from London. One of the more interesting areas we visited was Neal’s Yard, a small alley that is quirky, artsy, and very pretty. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the Seven Dials/Covent Garden area. I toyed briefly with the idea of killing off some future person there (that’s the mind of a mystery writer) but decided against it. However, as I spent a brief, miserable time in St. Katharine Docks, I expect someone may die there in my next Hetheridge book, Blue Blooded.

Some of the prettiness in Neal's Yard.

Some of the prettiness in Neal’s Yard.

2015-03-22 16.23.06

Above is Green Park. It was chilly to me that day (we bought scarves early on) but as you can see, lots of people were out and about, soaking up the sunshine, despite the brisk wind. A few were even sitting rather stubbornly in striped deck chairs, completely bundled up in coat, scarf, and hat, but enjoying the fresh air and sun all the same.

Buckingham Palace gates.

Buckingham Palace gates.

Another one of my photo pics again, rather improperly framed, but I was too excited to take good perfectly proportioned snapshots. (Is that an excuse?) Next time I’ll do better.

2015-03-22 16.22.41

There’s a super close up so you can enjoy all the heraldic detail. For more about the Royal Parks in London, go here. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be spending it writing (as I should) but I’ll be back on Monday.

Red Nose Day!

I said I’d be back with more London pictures, but I forgot today is the first ever US version of Red Nose Day. It’s a very worthy charity dedicated to helping children in poverty, and dear to my heart. Learn about it here.

It's me with the red nose to help children living in poverty.

It’s me with the red nose to help children living in poverty.

Here’s a famous supporter of the campaign:

James McAvoy for red Nose Day.

James McAvoy for red Nose Day.

And one more:


Pictures from the V & A, London

Here are some more pictures from my London trip in March. These were taken at the Victoria & Albert Museum. If you’re not familiar with the V & A, it has dozens of exhibits on a wide variety of subjects. I was particularly captivated by fancy dress through the ages. (Must be the Victorian and Regency aficionado in me.)

Here's a lovely old gown.

Here’s a lovely old gown.

2014-03-18 16.04.33

A splendid reproduction.


That very familiar image above, seemingly Michelangelo’s David , is from the V & A’s Cast Collection. Art students who couldn’t afford to travel all the way to Rome to seek out great works and study their lines would instead view reproductions made from plaster casts. Many such reproductions are on display at the V & A.

2014-03-18 15.59.41

More from the Cast Court.


This cast of a figure by Giambologna looks a little familiar too, eh? It’s Samson Slaying a Philistine, though, not Hercules Beating the Centaur Nessus.

More pictures tomorrow!

More Random London Pics

Once again, for anyone who doesn’t know, I visited London in March, but got too caught up in finishing my latest book to post all the pictures. Here are a few more of my favorites.

Me in an Anderson shelter in the Imperial War Museum.

Me in an Anderson shelter in the Imperial War Museum.

Getting the chance to sit in an authentic Anderson shelter was quite an experience. It was so small! Dr. Bones will have one in his back garden in book #2, the upcoming Divorce Can Be Deadly. Poor man, I don’t think it will be too comfortable for him and Mrs. Cobblepot, trying to rest out there in the winter, an inch of water on the earth floor (that was a big problem with Anderson shelters) while wondering if a bomb will flatten Fenton House. Or if a direct hit will send them both to kingdom come. And to think entire families used to spend hours in these things–Dad, Mum, two or three fidgeting, miserable kids, and perhaps a crying baby in arms.

Another shot from the Imperial War Museum.

Another shot from the Imperial War Museum.

I love this interior of a "typical home" during the Blitz.

I love this interior of a “typical home” during the Blitz.

All right, those were of course just a few gems. More tomorrow! Now, I need to work on that next book.


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